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Lip Blush


Lip Blush is a permanent makeup procedure which adds a blushed effect of lip colour into the lip tissues to add beauty.

The procedure can darken, lighten, neutralise and add vibrancy depending on your natural colouring. Suitable for all fitzpatrick types of skin. Your shape can be contoured and balanced to match you and your personal style. 


If you suffer from

excessively pale or blue lips, dark lips, patchy lips, uneven shaped lips, dislike your natural colour or have lost shape from filler treatments lip blush can be a real life saver to your beauty regime. As a smudge proof kiss proof oil and waterproof colour, it is perfect for all lips if you are fit for treatment. A full consultation will be carried out before hand. 

Lip Blush

"It's given me so much shape! I especially love the pronounced cupids bow, absolutely gorgeous!"

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