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Does Eyebrow shaping matter?

For most of the 90's it was thin for the win! Then going full circle to supermodel never been plucked entered the chat and for most of us its a confusing conundrum over what to do best.

If you already invest in salon brow treatments maybe you feel sorted in the brow game department but has your pro brow person ever explained to you WHY they give you the brows they do?

Your natural hair growth occurs, funnily enough, where it suits you best. The way professionals brow map by using your facial features as a guide shows exactly where hairs should be placed or taken away. Your nose, eyes, ears even can be used to see where you have symmetry and these measurements and map then shows the way...

For most of us we require a little neat grooming with eyebrow shaping as per fashion/ society's rules over whats acceptable. The microblading and permanent make up treatments have increased in popularity hugely due to overplucked brows and or not knowing where to take away the hairs and where to keep them (tadpole shaped brows?)

Hybrid brow stains along with traditional tints helps make the brows more defined in colour to give some bold definition to the brows as well as brow lamination. Brow lamination uses a perm solution to lay the brows flat and help them stick upwards in a fluffy style. Depending on how long the brow hairs are, depends on how fluffy the lamination can look. This technique can completely reshape the brows and give a lifted appearance to your facial structure IF you have the brow hairs to style in the first place.

This brings us back round to permanent makeup procedures; microblading, ombre or powder brows and nano hairstrokes or combination brows mixing all of these techniques together. Brow mapping is the forefront step before performing this procedure and many have enjoyed a new purposeful shape to their brows. From an anti ageing perspective a suitable natural fuller brow is youthful and fits your features scientifically as well as artfully depending on technique and colour choice.

Without brows, a persons facial features can enhance unwanted definition to their other features and also make it more difficult for others to read their expressions and emotions.

100% of the time, brow shaping absolutely matters. It is however difficult to define after the mapping mathematical logical step, as art and creativity from self expression blurs the literal mapped out line here. If you prefer unkept and fluffy, that is your style. However, as previously stated brow hair naturally grows where it looks the best, so most peoples shaping isnt all that "off"

It just depends if you want to follow the brow shape rules?

If you are unsure, book a free consultation and request a brow mapping appointment to help you see your own personal brow guide and how it suits your features.

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