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Is your lip balm making you addicted?

Lips are a different skin type to the rest of your body, the need to stay moist as much as possible however there are some of us who have their lips dry out more than others...

Lifestyle and environment can lead to dry lips including:


-foods and diet

-skincare regimes

-an outdoorsy lifestyle

-inside in winter extra heating

-your bodys h20 levels

Balms marketed as ok for the lips could have more drying or irritating ingredients such as; camphor, vitamin E, fragrances, salycilic acid, chemical sunscreens

In addition, products like vaseline that most think are moisturising are in fact, not.

The only thing a product such as vaseline (petroleum jelly) will do is act as what is called a humectant which layers over the skin and protects the moisture already in the lip and stops it from leaving. This is great if your lips are already plump and filled with essential h20.

If however they are dry they wont be putting any moisture in. This needs to be added as a layer BEFORE you use your vaseline. But is a 2 stage lip routine throughout the day convenient?

You therefore easily and unknowingly become addicted to this over application as your body starts to rely on that film of protection or it cant repair from the irritation to the ingredients...otherwise you notice your lips feeling dry. So you keep reapplying and it becomes a constant cycle.

Products including shea butter, coconut oil, cannabis sativa oil and hyalauronic acid will help add moisture in and then you can add a humectant product on top if you wish.

Does this blog post help you? What lip balms are your handbag staples?

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