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Rosacea Awareness

For many beauty professionals they will recognise rosacea being common in drinkers, smokers and those who love being outside in all weathers as the most common.

But is it on the rise? Are our stressful lifestyles also to blame or perhaps because there are stronger skincare items available in drugstores?

Rosacea is a form of acne that forms as redness and or pustules on the skin. It is typically more noticeable on fairer skin and can appear as a butterfly shaped rash across the face. Larger pores and a seemingly dry texture can become rather painful for some.

Hormones have a huge role to play and some peri or menopausal women can experience rosacea for a while as oestrogen affects their skin.

Most professionals will agree that if the rosacea is caused by an imbalance then antibiotics orally or topically can help. But what else can you do?

Common approved treatments include

  • Stopping using actives until the inflammation has calmed down

  • Aiming to repair the skin barrier with hydrating products like glycerin serums and ceramides

  • LED treatments or laser aimed at rosacea specifically

  • Avoid any food or drink that may trigger; spices, heat, alcohol

  • Use SPF 50 at all times during the day

Other avenues to explore are

  • Dietary allergies including good blood sugar management

  • Supplements such as pre and probiotics

  • Switching toothpastes to avoid SLS and or flouride

  • Activities to reduce stress within the body like walking, meditating, relaxing facials

  • Practice deep breathing techniques

Worrying about your skin can add to the stress of making it worse in a cylical fashion. Breaking the cycle with lifestyle changes and investing in an appropriate good quality skincare regime may help ease the discomfort of Rosacea.

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