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Skin boosters and polynucleotides in anti ageing beauty treatments

Wondering about the new wave of injectable skincare to you but haven't got a clue how it all works?

Here are the top 5 reasons to try injectable skincare but first we need to differentiate between hyalauronic acid based skin boosters & the newer polynucleotide/ dna based treatments as they behave in slightly different ways.

Skin boosters like the brand profhilo are all about adding moisture to the skin. This provides a filler like effect and helps nourish the cells around it with hydration. Hyalauronic acid molecules can hold thousands of times their weight in water so they can be fabulously hydrating for the skin and an extra benefit to the topical skin regime you may already have. More over the treatment you get today will be revealed over the 4 weeks after as your skin cells regenerate. These skin boosters may contain extra vitamins and minerals that also nourish the skin and encourage your cells to 'do their job' better than they would without this nourishment and therefore your skin care concerns can be combatted rather effectively, depending on the product chosen. There are now tens of choices of skin boosters and going through each one to try your favourite may be costly. However it is definitely more economical than trying every single moisturiser on the market in terms of skin care.

The newer polynucleotide or dna based collagen boosters work differently in that they may contain hyalauronic acid, but they contain collagen dna that boosts your skin and helps it to do its job. In terms of skin that has issues like scarring, lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and even acne or other conditions, it will regenerate and begin to heal within the cells and you may see a vast improvement with the appropriate amount of sessions.

The main reason polynucleotide treatments are stirring up a storm for anti ageing are this regenerating effect. Reversing ageing is a huge benefit for many men and women who want to look as young as they feel. These treatments work slower than the first wave skin boosters and you may not see an immediate effect or even a 2 week improvement in your skin cycle. This chain of dna will encourage your own skin to do the work and therefore it's a few months wait for your skin to start creating those collagen structure, that outwardly give us the plumped out fullness and youthful appearance.

The very reason both of these treatments are so popular is they don't involve any drastic surgery. So many men and women have these treatments and go about their day, as the needles to administer are so small they barely make a mark.

Does this mean dermal filler treatments are being replaced?

Yes and no. There is room for all the treatments described here within the realms of improving appearance, anti ageing and treating sometimes debilitating skin concerns and conditions.

Each one has its own benefits and as mentioned above the brand chosen for your skin concern also makes a difference.

For more information during a free no obligation consultation please visit to book your consultation and discuss your concerns.

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