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Why your microblading has discoloured...

Semi permanent make up can discolour or fade unevenly for lots of different reasons. A lot of the circumstances leading to your finished longer terms result are based on your individual genetics and lifestyle choices. Here are a few suggestions on how to potentially prolong the life of your microbladed or powdered brows.

Sun and exposure to UV light

Not only does exposing your skin to UV light increase your skins melanin production, it also will rapidly fade the pigment, sunshine has a tendency to bleach things after all...

Retinol/ Retin A or any other skin thinning active ingredient in skincare. These products encourage your cell turnover for their anti ageing benefits. Whilst keeping your skin young, it will speed up pigment fade with those same cells regenerating faster than normal which of course contain the pigment...

Skin type plays a huge part in microblading as typically oily vs dry heal differently. Oily or combination skin isnt typically regarded as ideal for microblading and machine based digital brow pigmentation methods are deemed better suited. Therefore your skin may not have had the best chance when the treatment was first performed and could be the reason they fade faster than a dryer skin type for example.

Pigment choice and whats called the lightfastness (or how quickly it fades) is another huge factor to the longevity of your permanent make up service. The brand of pigment your artist chooses to work with will depend upon their personal preference, that brands choices of pigments they mix to make that particular colour and your skin current skin tone vs pigment tone thats implanted within your skin. Artists should be confident in their colour theory to choose the most appropriate (according to their professional opinion and diligence) brand, colour and therefore pigments to complement your skin.

Technician pressure, last but not least, within the microblading treatment means the deeper a pigment is placed the cooler (blue/grey/purple) it can heal. Whilst artists wont be placing pigments too deeply on purpose, a manual method will always give more room for human error. The deeper a pigment is placed the longer it could last, but you may not necesarily like the final results when healed. Artists should be finding that sweet spot inside the skin that will give you a lovely colour with their chosen pigment that will fade more evenly.

Do you have microbladed or machine brows? Has your pigment faded too quickly or unevenly? I would love to hear your stories!

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