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Scalp Micropigmentation

For the imitation of hair follicles on the skin in place of real hair. Age and medical related issues can cause hair loss which can be really damaging to a persons self esteem. Luckily being able to tattoo the "fake" impression of hair follicles can offer a solution to give the effect of a shaved area. This treatment can be provided under existing hair or where there are no hairs present. 

Akila Beauty aims for the most natural undetectable results. 


If you suffer from...

pattern baldness, hair loss, scarring, long term alopecia, receeding hairline, or other; please do not hesitate to get in touch. Treatments can be carried out confidentially on a 1-1 basis with full discretion. 

All treatments will be consulted first, with a no obligation quote for your own peace of mind. 

SMP Review

After session one I was blown away with the results! So after the second session I was in awe! I am so pleased with the whole process and not just the results, I’ve had comments such as, “that looks amazing” to “have you had a hair transplant?” Yes that one made me smile!
I would highly recommend SMP and for Gemma to do it, she was brilliant!

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